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Canberra attractions

Canberra attraction

Canberra hotels

There is lots to see and do in Canberra being the capital of Australia and some of the best museums are in Canberra.

Canberra animal attractions
Explore the National Zoo and Aquarium.....

Canberra art galleries
The National Gallery displays Australia's largest collection of Australian art and the National Portrait Gallery has a portraits of famous Australians.

Canberra fun attractions
The Australian Institute of Sport has some interesting tours...

Canberra historic buildings
Explore some of the Canberra historic buildings the home of the Australian parliament.

Canberra museums
There are a number of excellent Canberra museums including the National Museum of Australia

Canberra parks and gardens
Canberra has a few parks and gardens including the Australian National Botanic Gardens


Don’t hesitate to check out what Canberra has to offer for yourself. It is simple to book a trip to Canberra with Expedia. There are a number of hotels in the area that fit just about every price range. There is the breathtaking Shine Dome, which one must see in person, as photographs simply cannot capture the true experience of being there. The tropical climate is inviting for tourists from all over the world. Don’t be stuck in the cold during the winter when you can go online and set up a trip to have fun in the sun in a matter of minutes.


Canberra Tours

Canberra City Tours

Canberra Car Hire

Canberra Car Hire

Canberra Accommodation

Canberra Accommodation
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